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Weaving Equipment    a/o 11/20/2014



$800 for everything, which includes the loom, a warping board and other weaving items 

Dimensions of the loom are 39" high, 58" wide.

Please click here for images

Marilyn Foster,
Home  858-278-3873, Cell  619-417-3873.



Leclerc 4 harness Jack-Style Floor Loom

This beautiful loom has four harnesses with 6 treadles and is in perfect working condition.  It has the following specifications:  43 inches wide, 43 inches tall, 36 inches deep, but folds up into a compact 12 inches for storage and moving.  36 inch reed, two boat shuttles, and one stick shuttle included, as well as the other pictured accessories.



A 36 inch square warping board that is not pictured is included for a local buyer. This loom is perfect for a weaver who wants a floor loom but has limited space.

Price is $500 for local pick-up, or $500 plus shipping (total paid in advance; details to be discussed with buyer

Pamela H. Daener




Six foot Fireside upright Oak Tapestry loom: Outside measurements: width 93 inches, length (depth) 40 inches, height 82 inches

Matching bench with commuter seat and underneath storage shelf: length 73 inches, width 11 inches, height 21 inches

Overhead beater (can be tied to heddle support if desired)
2 tool storage container holders on the front beam
2 harnesses with Texsolv heddles
Worm gear on cloth beam
Ratchet brake on warp beam
3 sets of treadles with treadle locks
8-dent stainless steel reed
2 lease sticks with numerous wood warp packing sticks

Beautiful six foot Fireside Upright Oak Tapestry loom in impeccable condition, for sale. The frame is straight and true and no dry wood anywhere. There is NOTHING WRONG with this loom. It is fully functioning. An upright tapestry loom limits the floor space to a minimum instead of stretching out like a jack loom.

Two harnesses with Texsolv heddles for easier threading lie flat above the reed, which also lies flat and is characteristic of an upright tapestry loom.

Matching 6 feet oak loom bench with a commuter seat that glides to allow the weaver to remain seated on the bench and just glide the length of the bench for comfortable weaving. There is a storage area the full length of the bench beneath the commuter/gliding seat.

Worm gear on cloth beam allows for precise increments for cloth beam adjustments so crucial for tapestry weaving.

3 sets of treadles with treadle locks that make weaving easier.

This loom is in a smoke free environment. Feel to email questions.

For more information go to:

$6,000.00 for local pick up -- CASH ONLY

Out of state buyers- $6,000.00 plus shipping. We can discuss details on payment and shipping.

Marianna Castellaw - for more images please contact


Ullman Countermarch Floor Loom, Beautiful Perfect Condition! - $3500 (Poway)


Ullman Countermarch floor loom dimensions: Loom: width 54.5 inches, length (depth) 42.5 inches, height 58 inches


Bench is by Ullman with a Fireside seat attached to the bench with 2 side storage compartments and under seat storage compartment -- Dimensions: Bench alone length 38.5", depth 10", height without seat 20"; seat length 23.5", height 10", depth 14.5".

8 harnesses, 45 inch weaving width

Ratchet advancing device on cloth beam
Friction brake on warp beam
Texsolv heddles and tie up
Treadle tie up from lams with metal hooks
6 stainless steel reeds: dpi 5,6,8,10,12, and 15
10 treadles
Aprons on front and back beams
Fireside rotary temple
"Warp ways" set up for easy warping and threading
Lease sticks and cardboard roll for packing the warp beam

The 45" weaving space, Ullman Countermarch Floor Loom is in great condition. The frame is straight and true and no dry wood anywhere. There is NOTHING WRONG with this loom. It is fully functioning. It has been stored inside in a smoke free environment.

The harnesses have hundreds of Texsolv heddles for easier threading; the eye is large and works best with a countermarch loom.

Ratchet advancing device on cloth beam is an industry standard for advancing the warp in a specific amount. Friction brake on the warp beam allows precision warp adjustments on warp beam.

Fireside large size loom bench with full seat and back attached with 2 side storage compartments and under seat storage compartment is comfortable with the support of a back and convenient storage compartments at hand or underneath the bench.

Pictured is the fitted and bolted down lease sticks and fitted rattle so you have hassle free warping. Simple idea and a huge plus as the lease sticks and rattle do not move! If you have a loom you know how important this is! The tape measure allows for precise placement of warping threads on the warping beam.

Pictured is "Warp ways" an attached bracket set up that holds the reed flat for easy warping and threading.

6 stainless steel reeds: dpi 5,6,8,10,12, and 15 is a huge plus. They don't rust and you have a large assortment to pick from for various weights of warp threads.

For further information regarding the bench seat/back, see the Fireside Rotary Temple connected to a piece being woven and current prices go to:

$3,500.00 for local pickup: CASH ONLY
Out of state buyers- $3500.00 plus shipping, details to be discussed

Marianna Castellaw - for more images please contact



48 inch Loomcraft  solid Mable Jack Floor Loom for sale.  This loom has four harnesses, with 6 treadles.  The measurements are:  floor width 48 inches, with a 40 inch weaving reed in the beater.  It is 36 inches deep, and 36 inches tall.

  It will fit through a 28-36 inch door if angled in.  Includes a bench, with a storage drawer.  Also available are  4 boat shuttles, and 5 stick suttles, some walnut.


I also have for a warping board and an electric bobbin winder, 6 assorted books on weaving, and many assorted colors and types of yarn for sale.

Can be delivered, if needed.

Elizabeth (Betty) Dean



LeClerc Nilus 4 Harness 45 in      $650

Jack Type Rising Action Loom with Six Treadles,
plus tools, lease sticks, 6 and 12 to the inch reeds

Two sets of heddles            $20

LeClerc Bench                  $125

LeClerc Warping                $125

Two LeClerc Boat Shuttles,     $50
One other Boat Shuttle, and
Three 15 inch Shuttle

Three Weaving Books            $25

Rug Warp and misc Cotton,      $30
linen weaving yarn

Buy all for                    $975    Adele Snyder



Navajo Loom 54 in x 48 in Mahogany, not assembled  $125
     Navajo Loom 30 in x 36 in with all dowels     $100
Two Battens     $20
Two Combs       $35
Wool                   $3 per Skein
Five Books      $12    Adele Snyder


equipment for sale, including a gorgeous warping mill from Fireside Fiberarts, $300, and a wonderful vertical swift by J-Made, $200.


For more information or questions, contact Joanne Sharp at
or phone: 858-755-0555






Leclerc Loom Bench - 23 inches high, 38 inches long. Designed for Artisat 36", Nilus, Inca, Mira and Fanny looms. Bought new a few years ago. Storage under seat, and open storage on sides.

US price new on Leclerc website is $478. My price $239. Pick up at my Rancho Bernardo residence.

Susan Van Winkle

Wanted:  I am a new weaver and would like to expand my abilities.  I have a Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom, 4 shaft, and would like to upgrade to the Schacht Baby Wolf,  4 shaft, 26" model

 Please call: 858  748-1025 or email at  



Schacht loom (like new) for sale:   48 inch weaving width, 8 shafts, 10 treadles.  Includes bench, 5 reeds, warping sticks, lease sticks, rattle, etc.  $2,000.  

Contact Taryl at  619-884-2885 or









This is a 4-harness 36" wide (weaving width) loom. It is disassembled, but all parts are there (it was originally totally assembled, and working, before needing to store it)
It looks very similar to a loom posted on the Weavolution website, that the seller describes as a "36", 4-harness jack loom made by Herald." My loom has no bench or seat. There are no manufacturer's markings that I can find on any of the wood parts.

The only identification on the loom is a Whitaker Reed Co plate on the top beater holder---a metal part.
Also included is a book of sample weavings, and a rack (for holding yarn [?] also not assembled).
{Running shoes in some of the pix not for sale!}
It is located in San Carlos area of SD.
I'm asking $500. Buyer would need to pick it up. I attach a series of pix showing all parts. A few of the pix include a 24" steel L-ruler for sizing.

    Dave Wertlieb
    Please email Dave for more info & pictures.


Ashford 20 " Knitters Loom.  In new condition.

Ashford 20 " Knitters Loom.  In new condition.  Purchased November 2012,
from The Woolery.  Includes carry bag, three heddles , harp stand, and
all of the accessories that are included at purchase.  I have woven
small scarves on it.  New, these items would be a total of $505.   I
am asking $375.


Beautiful solid cherrywood Norwood loom for sale. 40” weaving width, 8 harness, 12 treadles, 4 reeds (6,10, 12, and 15 dent). Excellent condition.

Includes bench and a custom swivel shelf. Asking $1900 OBO. Located in Orange County .

Contact Fran at




For Sale $600

Still in the box Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel

Harrisville Design Loom: 4 treadle, 24” wide. Old, but in excellent shape.

Books, shuttles, bobbins, llama fur and unprocessed cotton

Can send photos if needed.

Lorna Samuel 858-272-2192

Rio Grande Spinning Wheel. $1000  Excellent Condition. Moved to
smaller apartment, must sell. Call Kelly (207) 624-2453

Description: MajaCraft Professional Alpaca Spinning Wheel. $1000
Excellent condition includes 4 bobbins and a lazy kate. Moved to small apartment, must
sell. Call Kelly (207) 624-2453