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Weaving Equipment    a/o 3-6-2016


Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom with high castle in cherry.

36” weaving width, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, texsolve heddles



Bench with two side pockets;

Shuttle tray;


Height extender;

Double back beam;

5 reeds


$2,500 Or Better Offer


Contact Taryl Andersen at or 619-884-2885




Six foot Fireside upright Oak Tapestry loom: Outside measurements: width 93 inches, length (depth) 40 inches, height 82 inches

Matching bench with commuter seat and underneath storage shelf: length 73 inches, width 11 inches, height 21 inches

Overhead beater (can be tied to heddle support if desired)
2 tool storage container holders on the front beam
2 harnesses with Texsolv heddles
Worm gear on cloth beam
Ratchet brake on warp beam
3 sets of treadles with treadle locks
8-dent stainless steel reed
2 lease sticks with numerous wood warp packing sticks

Beautiful six foot Fireside Upright Oak Tapestry loom in impeccable condition, for sale. The frame is straight and true and no dry wood anywhere. There is NOTHING WRONG with this loom. It is fully functioning. An upright tapestry loom limits the floor space to a minimum instead of stretching out like a jack loom.

Two harnesses with Texsolv heddles for easier threading lie flat above the reed, which also lies flat and is characteristic of an upright tapestry loom.

Matching 6 feet oak loom bench with a commuter seat that glides to allow the weaver to remain seated on the bench and just glide the length of the bench for comfortable weaving. There is a storage area the full length of the bench beneath the commuter/gliding seat.

Worm gear on cloth beam allows for precise increments for cloth beam adjustments so crucial for tapestry weaving.

3 sets of treadles with treadle locks that make weaving easier.

This loom is in a smoke free environment. Feel to email questions.

For more information go to:

$6,000.00 for local pick up -- CASH ONLY

Out of state buyers- $6,000.00 plus shipping. We can discuss details on payment and shipping.

Marianna Castellaw - for more images please contact


48 inch Loomcraft  solid Mable Jack Floor Loom for sale.  This loom has four harnesses, with 6 treadles.  The measurements are:  floor width 48 inches, with a 40 inch weaving reed in the beater.  It is 36 inches deep, and 36 inches tall.

  It will fit through a 28-36 inch door if angled in.  Includes a bench, with a storage drawer.  Also available are  4 boat shuttles, and 5 stick suttles, some walnut.

I also have for a warping board and an electric bobbin winder, 6 assorted books on weaving, and many assorted colors and types of yarn for sale.

Can be delivered, if needed.

Elizabeth (Betty) Dean

Rio Grande Spinning wheel  in pristine condition.  For size, photos and ALL information go to Rio Grande Spinning Wheel online, and/or Weaving Southwest in Taos, New Mexico.

I have all original tools, VHS, etc.   Firm price at  $1000. 

 Gretchen Morgan





Antique Spinning Wheel   11-16-2015

In perfect condition as evidenced by the spun linen on the bobbin. However, it is now in delicate condition and spinning is not recommended. The base is hand decorated with a scalloped edge, dated 1844 and the initials JMA.

All the parts are in place, the fly wheel has been remade, the leather replaced and a few wooden bits remade – but you’d never know to look at it.

Price: $125.00

Or better offer

Contact Taryl Andersen via phone 619-884-2885 or email